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If you feel overwhelmed, overworked and unrewarded, don’t! This is where our ROCG consultants step in.  We act as a part of your management team, helping, providing the right advice and the benefit of our extensive experience across a broad range of small to mid sized businesses.
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Personalised Financial Consultations Available
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Business Consultant Perth​

At all stages in the lifetime of your business, from Business Start-up to Business Growth, to Business Sale and Succession or Transition Planning you need research, analysis, vision and strategic planning. You also need to select the right tax and legal structures, make sure your processes are cost effective and efficient and your team is motivated and working to the best of their ability.
If that wasn’t enough, you have to be right on top of industry trends,  identifying and analyzing what is happening globally and locally, undertaking market research, product development,  analysing and determining the best pricing structures and so on. Your marketing plan needs to be tailored to suit the goals,  structure, and  resources of your business. Getting your sales strategy right is crucial because without sales all other business activities such as operations, human resources, design, production, and inventory are irrelevant. And let’s not forget the all-important customer; how do you find them, persuade them to buy and hold onto them in the future.
All this is basic information that  facilitates vital decisions which  help your business stay ahead of its competitors and share in the benefits of being the first to reach the peak of any cycle.

Roadmap to Transition

We have years of experience working with businesses of various sizes and industries and have formulated a process that will prepare you for a smooth transition whether you’re starting a business, wanting to maximise profitability, or getting ready to sell.
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What our clients are saying about us

  1. Mathieu has been supporting our company for many months now. As small business owners and of mature years, Mathieu’s youth, enthusiasm, professional skills and knowledge of an ever-changing and challenging business environment are key to our company’s growth and development. Mathieu’s interpersonal skills are amazing as he steers and supports us into new and exciting business processes. Thank you Mathieu.
    Kerry Sidney - Instant Weighing
  2. Our work with Mathieu aimed to review our systems & processes and the management of our scaffolding stock levels at our different branches. At a time where we were experiencing high growth level, we really needed to have the right system & processes in place but didn’t have the time to focus on it. Mathieu was able to handle that side of the business and coordinate with our staff in a timely manner with a real problem-solving focus.
    Ashley Smith – Pilbara Access
  3. ROCG is definitely a valuable part of Doctor Home Visits performance. Mathieu and Emma are both dedicated to ensuring that they understand our business and work together with our team to implement a new working model, ensuring our long-term sustainability. Working with Mathieu and Emma has been extremely beneficial they are both talented individuals who have shared knowledge and supported our team through times of change.
    Trudy Mailey and Tanya Steele - WADMS
  4. I used every excuse in the book to delay MYOB training. When I finally committed to the training,I was pleasantly surprised how user-friendly it was! My trainer, Beau, was just wonderful and I would thoroughly recommend ROCG’s services!
    Julie McWhirter - Midrise Pty Ltd
  5. Managing our finances has just become interesting – thanks to MYOB trainer Beau Raymond at ROCG. We run two small businesses and have never enjoyed the financial management side. We recently adopted the online MYOB AccountRight and now all our transactions are automatic. No more accounting headaches. It’s given us more time to focus on growing our businesses and the assurance that our financial systems and ATO obligations are being met seamlessly. I am so glad we took ROCG advice and moved to MYOB.
    Lesley Arnold - Geospatial Frameworks
  6. Mathieu has come on board as our Business Consultant. His support to the Board Directors is invaluable. He is very goal orientated which assists us to keep on track.
    Graham Sidney - Instant Weighing
Businesses with properly formulated strategic goals tend to be more successful than those without, which makes them more attractive to potential buyers. There must be clear and compelling reasons for others to want ownership of your business after you have transitioned ownership.
Consider whether or not you have any of these vital services in place:
  • Strategic Plans
  • Succession Plans
  • ​Family Business Transition Planning
  • Business Analysis—Ratios and KPI’s
  • Cashflow Forecasts
  • Due Diligence Reporting
  • Boards of Advice
  • Identification of and Assistance with Business Grants
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